How to install bowl buckle scaffold

1. All the scaffolding erected by industrial and civil buildings shall implement the integrated scaffolding quota.

2. The single-item mobile scaffolding is used when the building area cannot be calculated and the scaffolding must be erected.

3. When there are several eave heights in the same building, the corresponding quota shall be applied to different eave heights according to the vertical division, and the basement scaffolding quota shall be applied to the basement (semi-basement).

4. The integrated scaffolding project has integrated internal and external scaffolding, ramps, feeding platforms, metal frame paint, safety nets, protective railings, safety protection measures for borders and openings, and multi-story buildings (the building area cannot be calculated). Scaffolding for technical floors, utility rooms, garages, etc. within 2.2m. The materials used are made of bamboo, wood, metal, and other factors, which are covered as sales expenses and shall not be converted due to different installation methods or materials.

5. When the ceiling height exceeds 3.6m and the ceiling and wall are decorated, the full-floor scaffolding project is also included; when the ceiling (wall) is grout, joint, and the wall (ceiling) is decorated, the 50% of the full-floor scaffolding project % Calculation; when the wall and ceiling are grout or joint, 20% of the full house scaffold is calculated; also, the scaffold fee is no longer calculated regardless of the horizontal or vertical projection area. If outdoor corridors and balconies meet the above conditions, scaffolding can be calculated according to the above regulations.

6. The fixed quota of the chimney, water tower scaffolding, and elevator scaffolding is set as steel-tube scaffolding, and adjustment is not allowed at the same time.

7. Horizontal protective frame and vertical protective frame refer to the protective frame used for vehicle passages, pedestrian passages, construction protection measures, etc. separately erected besides scaffolding.

Post time: Aug-06-2020