Bowl buckle scaffold belongs to a new type of scaffold

Bowl buckle scaffolding is one of the most popularized scaffolds among the new types of scaffolding, but it is not widely used. It is only widely used in some parts of the country and some projects. The practice has proved that the use of new scaffolding is not only safe and reliable in construction, fast in assembly and disassembly, but also can reduce the amount of steel used for scaffolding by about 33%, increase the efficiency of assembly and disassembly by more than two times, and significantly reduce construction costs. The construction site is civilized and tidy. Our country has successively introduced various types of scaffolding such as gantry scaffolding and bowl buckle scaffolding from abroad. The gantry scaffolding has also been widely used in many domestic projects and achieved good results. However, the gantry scaffolding has not been widely promoted and applied. Many portal scaffolding factories have closed or switched into production.

In the early 1960s, China began to use fastener-type steel tube scaffolding. Because of its flexible assembly and disassembly, convenient handling, strong versatility, and low price, it is widely used in China, and its use accounts for more than 60%. A scaffolding that is currently used more frequently. Vigorously develop and promote the application of new scaffolding, and gradually replace the fastener-type scaffolding with poor safety, which is an important guarantee of solving the safety of scaffolding construction. Vigorously develop and promote the application of new scaffolding is a top priority. Due to the convenient assembly and disassembly of portal scaffolding, good load-bearing performance, safety, and reliability, especially the Ministry of Labor have stipulated the safe use of scaffolding, portal scaffolding has begun to be widely used in engineering. The major weakness of this kind of scaffolding is poor safety and low construction efficiency. With the emergence of a large number of modern large-scale building systems in my country, this kind of scaffolding can no longer meet the needs of construction development.

Post time: Aug-07-2020