Advantages of using scaffolding

The shelf built on the periphery of the construction site is a “scaffolding”. The scaffolding is not just a built-up shelf, it plays a role in the construction staff to work up and down or to protect the outer safety net and install components at high altitude. Tianjin scaffold leasing is often seen in some construction sites. It can help workers improve the efficiency of their work, and choosing the way of leasing can help construction companies save part of the capital expenditure.

Scaffolding refers to the construction site where workers operate and handle vertical and transportation levels and set up various supports. The term commonly used in the construction industry refers to construction sites where exterior walls, interior decoration, or high-rise buildings cannot be directly constructed. It is mainly used for construction personnel to work up and down or to protect the outer safety net and high-altitude installation components. Some projects also use scaffolding as templates. Also, they are commonly used in the advertising industry, municipal administration, traffic roads and bridges, mining, and other departments. The advantages of scaffolding are as follows:

1) Large bearing capacity. When the scaffolding geometry and structure meets the requirements of relevant standards, under normal circumstances, the bearing capacity of a single scaffolding column can reach 15kN-35kN (1.5tf-3.5tf, design value).

2) Easy installation and disassembly, and sensitive installation. Because the length of the steel pipe is easy to adjust and the fastener connection is cumbersome, it can adapt to various planes and elevations of buildings and structural scaffolding.

3) More economical. The process is simple and the investment cost is low. Assuming that the geometric dimensions of the scaffold are carefully designed and the utilization rate of the steel pipe is taken into account, the data volume can also achieve better economic benefits. The fastener steel pipe frame is equivalent to about 15 kilograms of steel per square meter for construction.

Post time: Aug-10-2020